NIDA Model 5050 Console - PLC Trainer

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NIDA Model 5050 Console - Programmable Logic Controller

The Nida Model 5050 Programmable Logic Controller Trainer is designed around the Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200. The Model 5050 PLC Trainer comes standard with relay and TTL slots, an 8 LED level/process display, variable speed motor, and basic process control circuit cards. Power, relay, TTL, and analog input/output connections allow the student to receive inputs and control outputs to various external devices. 

PLC which includes a central processing unit with built-in 24 volt power supply, external communications capability, 12 input, and 8 output relays. In addition, the digital input module contains 16 input channels that are user selectable for voltage to support a variety of monitoring and controlling applications. Two user selectable analog inputs and outputs are provided in a single slot module. The expansion chassis includes Process Control and Process circuit cards. These two circuit cards simulate an actual factory temperature control process. 


  • Process Control Card - provides students with basic Start/Stop, Status Indication, and Analog Control concepts and experimentation
  • Input/Output Interface - allows external connection to input and output devices for controlling external processes
  • Process Selector - built-in selector provides preprogrammed basic control functions
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 - includes the proven, reliable, and standard PLC used throughout industry
  • Relay and TTL Slots - incorporates two of the most popular slots used in industry applications
  • Variable Speed Motor - used to demonstrate fixed and variable motor processes
  • 8 LED Level/Process Display - provides a visual indication of levels, process steps, and digital states
  • Fundamental Process Card - allows students to observe, control, and troubleshoot a multitude of process outputs


Dimensions: 18"W x 18"D x 9"H

Note: Windows7 or higher, RS Logix for Advanced PLC, Serial Port for trainer/computer communications

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