Nida Model 360S Trainer

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Nida Model 360S Trainer - This Trainer Brings Systems Alive

The Nida Model 360S Trainer provides specialized systems curriculum designed to support a six position panel trainer. 

A variety of systems are represented by hardware and courseware and include:

  • energy systems
  • power distribution systems
  • process automation systems
  • sonar systems
  • alarm systems
  • automotive CAN Bus systems.

The Model 360S also offers a core electronics refresher course followed by specific systems application, operation, and troubleshooting. The Model 360S Trainer is extremely versatile in that it operates independently or in conjunction with the Nida Model 130E Trainer. The Model 360S Trainer is used by high schools, technical centers, colleges, and military.

The Model 360S supports both Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) and Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI).

CMI mode:  The Instructor monitors and controls both experimentation and troubleshooting.

CAI mode: The Trainer is completely controlled by the computer.

During the hands-on portion of training the student uses real test equipment to analyze the hardware circuits installed on the Model 360S Trainer. No matter which configuration is used all circuitry is monitored and protected from student damage.


  • Computer interfaced operation aligns experiment applications to the Nida learning content
  • Single training unit supports a wide range of industry systems applications
  • Automatic circuit card power control and fault insertion/removal via a USB or serial port
  • Rugged metal construction with clean uncluttered work surface
  • Built-in data bus allow signal transfer between circuit card positions
  • Self-cleaning contacts ensure proper circuit connections during each experiment


The Model 3608 Trainer is fully compatible with the Model 110E and Model 130E. See separate brochure for additional information.

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