Nida Model 130E Trainer (3-position legacy trainer)

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The Most Versatile Electronics Trainer Built

The Nida Model 130E Trainer is a three position legacy trainer that supports all core and advanced level curriculum and is designed as a three position electricity, electronics, industrial, communications, avionics, and automotive training system. The Model 130E accommodates up to three individual experiment cards providing for larger more complex circuits.

Students learn the simple concepts first and then build on their knowledge by adding additional circuit cards.


  • National Certifications
  • Test Equipment Knowledge
  • Troubleshooting Skills

This Trainer is used in high schools, technical training centers, industrial settings, and all branches of the United State military.

The Model 130E supports both manual operation and computer controlled operation.

Manual Mode: The student works from a hard copy text and is required to perform all functions manually.

Computer Controlled Mode: Students use Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) or Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI). In CMI mode the instructor has control over the Trainer whereas in CAI mode the Trainer is completely controlled by the computer. Students use real test equipment to analyze circuits installed on the Model 130E Trainer. 

The Model 130E Trainer is fully compatible with the Model 110E and Model 360S.

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