Nida Model 110E Trainer (Single-position platform)

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The Electronics Trainer Built for Your Budget

The Nida Model 110E Trainer supports all core level curriculums and is designed as an affordable single position electronics training system. The Model 110E provides a safe and rugged platform for students to discover and investigate the fascinating world of electronics. Using the Model 110E, beginning students explore the operation and characteristics of pre-built circuits while advanced students create, test, and experiment on projects designed to replicate real-world circuitry. This Trainer is well suited for middle schools, high schools, or any schools operating under a constrained schedule or budget.

The Model 110E Trainer offers a unique pairing of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), individual hardware circuit board design, and automatic fault insertion. The CAI curriculum presents theoretical information and step-by-step setup, adjustment, and operational checks. This controlled and personalized presentation enhances the student's ability to grasp complex technical concepts and then apply those concepts to operational circuitry. During the hands-on portion of training, the student will use real test equipment to analyze the hardware circuits installed on the Model 110E Trainer.


  • Fully automatic operation via computer interface to the student computer
  • USB or serial port interface
  • Automatic fault insertion and retraction
  • Input/Output BNC connections allow signal input and provides signal output to an external device
  • Automatic alarm sounds if malfunction is detected
  • Self-cleaning contacts to ensure a proper connection with each experiment card installation

This Trainer is functional in traditional classroom settings and distance learning environments.

The Model 110E Trainer is engineered to support transition to other Nida Trainers such as the Models 130E and/or 360S. 

NIDA Electronics Training and Credentials

Since the company began in 1972, Nida Corporation has grown to become a world leader in the development, design, and installation of sophisticated electronics training systems.

Today, Nida Corporation is the pacesetter for the field of technical training. Nida training systems stand out as the first choice of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Nida is dedicated to meet the constantly changing world of advanced electronics training while remembering our roots by providing the very best in fundamental electronics training packages.


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